PTMovement Ltd. offers sport and welfare services to companies, sport clubs, professional athletes and individuals who are interested in sports and exercising. Through our services you can develop your work community's welfare and working ability and increase work effectiveness in your company. We want to improve your movement with personally tailored and goal-oriented training program. Our services consist of PERSONAL TRAINING, SPEED TRAINING and EXERCISE PROGRAMMING.



Challenge yourself
Happier, healthier and sportier lifestyle
Personal Trainer
Guides and develops You
Training methods suiting best for You
Track & field exercises
Training methods that decathletes use
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Gym training
Jogging / Cycling / Cross-country skiing / Aqua running

Training package is always tailored to the customer based on his / hers needs and goals. Read more about different kind of training packages from the PERSONAL TRAINING and PERSONAL TRAINING FOR COMPANIES sections.



Do you want to be fast, effective and energetic?
PTMovement Ltd. offers solution - Speed Training
Advanced sportsperson
Professional athelete
Individual or team athlete
Ball game specialist
Person doing martial arts

Developing speed
possible, necessary and useful

Come together with former professional athlete Tatu Pussila to develop yourself and experience and explore new interesting exercises, which will increase your speed of movement. When you get older, you will lose your natural speed. Using Speed Training you keep yourself more functional, more energetic and most of all faster for a longer time. Read more from SPEED TRAINING and SPEED TRAINING FOR COMPANIES.


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