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The writer of this blog is 31-year-old former professional athlete, of which heart bounces fully to sports and exercising. After his own career, this Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management seeked a job matching his education at the university until he realised that he could combine both of his strong areas (valued university education and long versatile professional athlete background) of expertise as an entrepreneur in the field of sport and welfare Many people know him as a decathlete and he is called Tatu Pussila.

I love to do following sport events at the moment: squash, badminton, gym- / weight training, disc golf, snooker ja or course track and field. In the earlier life beside doing professional sports I've tried and tested almost every sport event you can name. Or let's put it this way: "A sport event, in which you can compete in some way, has fascinated me!"

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Clean and Bench Press Challenge - 1st Follow-Up, — 28.03.2014

Clean and Bench Press challenge is going forward and some training has also happened. Train is huffing and puffing - a bit coughing alongside though. I have had prolonged cough for over 2 weeks now, which has had a bit of an impact on my training. But the last week has been great and training has gone as planned. Take a look what I have done at the gym and training field lately!

How to train in a wrong way? Part three:, — 22.03.2014

It it time for the last part of this "trilogy" - at least for now. In the earlier texts I've written about injuries, training camps, professional training, athlete's muscle maintenance and so on. The thing that I haven't spoken yet (enough) is "adulthood optimal training". So, here comes blog post about adulthood training, the relation of training and rest and the effectivitiy of training and boosting one's training.

Tabata training, — 14.03.2014

Since I started to publish these interval training exercises, let's continue with another one. Here comes Tabata! The utmost perfect self punishment exercise that you can use to squeeze out everything you got in you! Eight maximum effort intervals with minimal resting periods produces so much lactic acid (blood tasting in your mouth), but develops aerobic and anaerobic capacity in an excellent way! And yes, after the training session you feel sooo good - at least at some point afterwards! At the end of this blog post you can watch my Tabata with burpees -video.

SMIT: Training example (Shuttle Sprints), — 07.03.2014

Inspired by my SMIT vs. HIIT blog post I'll put one example of SMIT training here. This is going to be Shuttle Sprint exercise, which can be done almost anywhere you like. This is easily executed real self punishment exercise! :) Read more and try for yourself! I can guarantee that it is going to be one hell of a ride for you to take!

My training program - spring 2014, — 06.03.2014

After setting my training goals for the spring 2014 and revealing them publicly, it it time for me to start exercising properly, if I want succeed in my challenge. Check my blog post and find out how I'm going increase my maximum strength in Clean and Bench Press. You might find out something useful for yourself too at the same time...

SMIT vs. HIIT, — 28.02.2014

Which is better training method: SMIT or HIIT? Both are interval training methods, but what they exatcly are and are there any differences between them? How do you train? This is going to be research based blog post from talked and at the moment often used training methods. Read more about the subject from today's post!

Clean and Bench Press Challenge!, — 21.02.2014

It is time for me start training again in a proper manner - or again in a bit more serious way also as a non-professional athlete. The last year has included more or less only random exercising. Despite this, the results at the gym have been surprisingly good! Because of this, I got inspired and I've decided to put myself into a great shape - at least power-/strengthwise. The goals have been set and the results are expected to be shown on the 1st of June. Welcome to follow my Clean and Bench Press Challenge!

How to train in a wrong way? Part two:, — 17.02.2014

The second part of the "How to train in a wrong way?" continues the discussion of the significance of the training conditions in sports. Furthermore, there are topics concerning professionalism in training, training in a team, muscle maintenance and recovery.

How to train in a wrong way? Part one:, — 10.02.2014

This blog post tells about sports, competing, training, injuries, developing oneself and most of all about the fact that sometimes less is more! Currently, this topic has been thought to be tripartite. The first part deals with the negative side of professional athlete's life - injuries. The professional athlete's life isn't always filled with richness and fame...

Thoughts of a professional entrepreneur, — 26.01.2014

Hi you all! My name is Tatu Pussila and I'm the founder and CEO of PTMovement Ltd. This first blog post is related to my first thoughts as an entrepreneur and especially writing a blog - in English. I also tell about the things that PTMovement Ltd. does and offers.

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