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spring 2014

Since I've made my personal challenge for the spring public, I had to write my own training program that guarantees success in my challange. It looks pretty bad and hard at the beginning, but I think that 15 weeks is enough for me to increase my maximum strength in Clean and Bench Press by 10 to 15%.

Training program is built in a way that I start with longer repetitions to get enough base so that there is something to get out from the body during the spring. At the moment I don't think I have enough basic strength to reach to my goals. It can happen that I am so "overtrained and tired" already in the middle of March that I have to rethink my training program along the way. But this how I've decided to start my journey towards stronger ME!


I know that developing my Bench Press to 120 to 125kg should be quite easy, as long as I go to gym regularly. But Clean and 130 to 135kg requires much more from me - not the least due to the fact that my Dead lift is only a bit over 135kg at the moment! ;) Because of this, I have to concentrate most on the Clean challenge. Long repetitions are a great way (for me) to improve my Clean technique. With better technique I believe that I will get extra 5kg easy to the Clean. The other missing 10-15kg I have to get some other way... :)

My aim is to do longer repetitions 4 to 5 weeks overall. I will include explosive strength training also to these longer repetitions weeks and do even shorter repetitions sets to keep my mind focused and diminish muscle stiffness.

Since there is also weight limit to my own body weight (90 to 92kg), I cannot gain more muscle mass when increasing my maximum strength. Increasing muscle cells / muscle fibers and getting more maximum strength that way is definitely no no this time. Because of this, I have to concentrate on strengthening, developing and activating my nervous system. Failure sets don't work for me this time - when keeping in mind my goals and knowing how my own body works!

Blog post from "Lihastohtori"

Timo Haikarainen has written an excellent text related to increasing strength and failure sets as a quest writer to Juha "Lihastohtori" Hulmin blog. Tough and slow sets produces slow strength and overloads the body a lot. Then you weaken explosivity and the functioning of nervous system. When you do Failure training, muscle fibers simply don't realize to work in a fast and explosive way, when muscle is tired and "numb". You can read more from this here. (Unfortunately this is only in Finnish, I'll try to find English link related to this also!)

Training between 03/14 to 06/14

In my own training program the test day in the middle of March is important step for me. I want to see, if I'm going to the right direction and how heavy the bar is around my goals. In April I'm going to do some hypertrophy, but maybe not using maximum weights because I cannot gain too much muscle mass. I using hypertrophy more maintain or improve my technique also using bigger load in the bar. In May I'm going to get the whole training out of my body and lift more than ever before. We'll see how this goes in few weeks...

The more precise content of training weeks

The purpose is that my training weeks consist of multiple training sessions. I don't do just weight training. There will also be speed training, muscle maintenance and aerobic training (definitely not my favourite, but very important to do aerobic training!). Overall perspective is the way to reach my goals - at least I believe so! Using just strength training as a training method, I cannot get my body to work and function with 100% effectiveness, because my metabolism, nervous system and explosivity don't work optimally then.

Furthermore, mentally it is important to vary training so that I will stick to my training routines! Versatility will be present also in the weight training. This means that at the gym I'll use whole body approach, but still focus is naturally in Clean and Bench Press.


Last week for me was a 5-training-session-week. I had one aerobic training, 1 muscle maintenance training sessions, 1 squash game and 2 strength training sessions. This was a bit of a trial week, since I tested (for fun) Beep / Bleep test, Tabata with burpees and made some training videos also. The other strength training went great and I made my personal best at 10 reps Clean (10 times 90kg). Bench Press was a bit disappointing during this week, since I couldn't do 10 times with 90kg (only 85kg). But I'm getting stronger that I the main thing. All in all, great week and went as planned. For the next weeks to come, I have to focus also to my own body weight. There is still 6kg to lose in 12 to 13 weeks!

This week started great, but I got a flu yesterday, so I'll not going to train as hard as planned. I hope to get 2 to 3 training sessions more during this week, so that I would reach to 4 to 5 training sessions. Training is still going along with the planned track - even though few hinders are along the way (flu and business). Stay tuned!

Tatu Pussila

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