Tatu Pussila
PTMovement Ltd.

+358 50 369 3663


Background: International level decathlete, has done decathlon as a professional athlete for over 10 years

Achievements: 1st in Finnish National Championships in 2002 (60m hurdles), 2nd in Finnish National Championships in 2005 (decathlon, long jump, heptathlon), multiple Nordin Youth Championships victories in decathlon and single events and participation in European Youth Championships (2 times)

Education: Graduating in FAF International Personal Trainer (08/2014), FAF International GYM Instructor (-13), Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management (-10), B-level coaching qualification (-02)

Athlete profile at the IAAF website:

"Hi! My name is Tatu Pussila and I'm the founder of PTMovement Ltd. After the professional athlete's career I know I have a lot to give to sports, but this time on the so called other side of the field. I have everlasting desire to help people to find the joy and possibilities of exercising and training. I hope that I can pass forward at least a tiny piece of my motivation and enthusiasm to exercising to my customers. I myself am very competitive, motivated, conscientious and supportive person. I try to let these qualities show in my work and working habits. See you around in the vast field of exercising!"


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