exercise programming

PTMovement Ltd. produces training programs for beginners, people interested in sports and / or gym, different kinds of ball games, people competing and professional athletes. After mapping the background of the customer, we build with professional care tailored and individual training program, which quarantees customer's development.

The length of the training program is determined by the customer's goals, likes, training background, desire and motivation. Here are few examples of different training programs made by former professional decathlete Tatu Pussila.






Gym training program
from 39 € / 4 wk.

Overall training program
from 68 € / 4 wk.

Overall training program
from 399 € / 6 wk.

Overall exercising planning
(training program & nutrition guidance)
114 € / mth

  • Gym training program includes between 1 to 2 training sessions / wk.
  • Overall training program includes planning of  4+ training sessions / wk. The goal of this training program is to develop physical fitness. The qualities to be trained are motor skills (i.e. balance, coordination and agility), flexibility, muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

    In the 6 mos. package the goal is get long-term results and change. Training is aimed even more towards to the qualities that need more special attention and should be improved without forgetting customer's goals and opinions.
  • Overall exercising planning consists of overall training planning and nutrition guidance. Nutrition package includes mapping of the starting level of the customer's eating habits, setting goals, 5-day food diary filled by the customer,  analysis of the food diary and weekly follow-up. Overall package also includes phone and email guidance and support during the duration of the contract. We recommend at least 6 mos. contract if you decide to take this package! This is only because we want your change to be permanent!


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